Few London is a printed leather accessories company whose products enable the customer to discover the most exciting new prints directly from the best new print designers, with a focus on carefully considered design with real integrity.

Few London is based upon union, mutuality and inspiration, placing their customer at the centre of new design and creativity, reinvigorating their wardrobe and connecting them with a community of fresh creative talent who have designed the accessories with skill and careful consideration, as well as the love and passion with which they will also be used.

The designers receive a 10% commission for each product sold that features their design.

All of the Few London products are Limited Edition and hand-made in London, England.

Our Story

Few London was set up by  Sarah Harniman. Sarah started Few London after graduating from Chelsea College of Art in 2013. Sarah has worked for companies such as H&M and Muscat London and has just finished a course with the School For Creative Start-Ups (S4CS), for which she was awarded a bursary. 

Whilst studying at UAL, Sarah, along with her fellow print designers, had developed whole portfolios of designs. Their projects had not been rushed to keep up with changing trends, but instead were the result of design projects which had been developed over time through experimenting and refining. 

Sarah realised that these designs needed to be seen, worn and appreciated. This was the start of Few London. 

Sarah said "When first setting up Few London I went about trying to turning the print designs into physical products which people could enjoy. I wanted the products to be equally as beautiful as the designs so that they would act as a canvas to show off the art work. This meant that the materials could only be the best so I began my experiments with the finest Italian leather.'

All Few London products are the result of Sarah's long process of experimentation and development combined with the new designers prints which have been selected and adapted to perfectly compliment the products which they are used on.